Air conditioner Repair Service Burnsville MN

Air conditioner Repair Service Burnsville MN

Air Conditioner Repair Service Burnsville MN — Adieu Agony

It is the hottest day of the season, you have invited your friends for lunch, and your air conditioner is unable to keep the temperature down despite the fact that you have set the thermostat at the lowest possible setting. Chances are that the thermostat is not working or is the compressor might have conked out. If this is not enough, it is a Sunday and you will not be able to seek help from most AC service companies in your city since they only work on weekdays. Why do you not get in touch with H2C, the premier air conditioner repair service Burnsville MN? We shall send our technicians and fix your AC before your guests arrive.

We service all brands of AC

You need not worry even if you have the latest model since we train our technicians on a regular basis and keep them updated with information about the latest brands and models. In fact, we send to the manufacturing facility of the equipment makers for this purpose. If you so want, we our technicians will also service your AC. We call this preventive maintenance. This enhances the life of the AC and ensures that it provides you with yeoman’s service.

Damaged compressor

Although our specialists carry most spare parts with them, it is impossible for them to fix a damaged compressor without taking it to the workshop. You need not worry about the comforts of your guests since we shall provide a backup machine to cool your room. We are different from many other air conditioner repair service Burnsville MN companies because we only use original spares and include a warranty on parts we replace. If these parts cease working during the warranty period, we shall replace it with a new one. Give us a call before you enter the kitchen to prepare food for your guests.