Air Conditioning Repair Cottage Grove MN

Air Conditioning Repair Cottage Grove MN

Like most of Minnesota, Cottage Grove experiences temperature extremes throughout the year. Summers can get quite hot and air conditioners work hard to keep indoor spaces cool. If they break down, then the inhabitants may face mounting discomfort. It could affect their health and productivity. Don’t let this condition persist. When something goes wrong with the system, call air conditioning repair Cottage Grove MN specialists right away. H2C Heating and Cooling offers 24/7 emergency service.


Many of our customers are homeowners who simply want to keep their families comfortable despite the outside heat. It’s easy to schedule an appointment. Just call our hotlines and tell us about your preferred date and time. We are able to service minor and major issues. If your unit is emitting a loud noise, not providing adequate cooling, consuming too much energy, or just not powering on, then tell us about it and we will send expert technicians right away.

Light Commercial

We are also capable of handling light commercial systems. Air conditioning is vital in businesses, especially those that deal with hospitality. Café, restaurants, and shops receive visits from customers every day. Don’t let them catch a broken down AC. Utilize our emergency services and we will dispatch a team to deal with the problem in an instant. The disruption will be minimized and your operations can quickly go back to normal.

H2C Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

Our HVAC company has been serving Minnesota’s Twin Cities Metro area for many years. We employ a team of outstanding technicians with several decades of combined experience. Their skills and expertise have allowed us to help satisfied customers in Cottage Grove and surrounding communities. Whatever the problem might be, we can find the root cause and implement the right solution as fast as possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment.