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High-velocity systems are a great fit for older homes or a home that’s lacking in space. These heating and air conditioning systems can run inside walls, below floors, and in many tight spaces. While Minnesota’s winters can be very cold, our summers also tend to be very hot and humid. High-Velocity air conditioning systems allow you to have central air without remodeling your entire home!

Air Conditioning in St. Paul MN

Rather than having large ductwork throughout your home, high-velocity air conditioning systems allow us to properly cool your home with extremely small 2” supplies to each room as opposed to the standard 8” supplies normally used. In short, this means that instead of opening all the walls within your home, we can simply run the majority of all supply runs tucked neatly into the corner of a closet, saving your family money and keeping the original features of your home intact.
High-velocity systems can remove up to 30% more humidity than a standard system. This will allow you to leave your thermostat at one setting and not have to adjust it due to the humidity. In addition, just like the name suggests, high-velocity systems typically make a room cooler faster while using half the air flow!

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