Repairing Staying warm is a number one priority for all Minnesota residents throughout the winter! For this reason, we have made hot water boilers and steam boiler heating systems our speciality. With so many homes in the Twin Cities relying on boiler systems to keep them warm throughout the winter, we understand the necessity of your boiler working correctly. For this reason, H2C Heating Cooling & Plumbing has brought together the best team of technicians in the state to take care of your needs and get the job done right. Whatever boiler system you have we have the experience and knowledge to repair and maintain your system while paying close attention to every detail.

With over 50 years experience working in residential homes, we understand how every home requires a personal and unique touch to keep our cold winters at bay. At H2C, our goal is to bring affordable prices to our community while bringing fair pricing back to the Twin Cities. In order to keep more money in your pocket, we do our estimates based on time required and not on the worst case scenario, like many of our competitors.

Give us a call and we’ll show you the difference!