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As an air-conditioner owner, free advice and recommendations are frequently given, on how to get the maximum out of your home AC systems. The issue is that there is a lot of incorrect information that could point you in the wrong direction.

Some of the major home service myths involve your AC unit. Before believing everything, your friends say, or what you read online, check out these common AC myths busted by air conditioner installation service Cottage Grove MN.

Your Thermostat Is A Quick Way Too Cool Your Home.

We believe that if we spike up the thermostat, the room will cool faster. But, this is not the case. Turning your thermostat well past the desired temperature will not increase the rate of cooling.

In fact, it only makes your AC system work more, leading to higher energy bills in the long run. If you want to cool your home quickly, air conditioner installation service Cottage Grove MN recommends turning the thermostat to the desired temperature, closing the curtains and using your ceiling fan.

To Replace Your Air Filter, Hiring A Specialist Is Not Necessary

This myth is technically correct, but when you work with an expert, you can count on the individual knowing their way around your AC system. They will competently remove and replace the filter with the right component.

A professional like air conditioner installation service Cottage Grove MN will take the time to examine the filter and figure out if there are any fundamental AC problems you may not have noticed. Sometimes, this can help you save a lot of money and avoid the hassle of an unexpected repair.

You Don’t Need A Ceiling Fan With An AC

Many people believe that ceiling fans and AC’s do not work well together. But this is not true. When you use a ceiling fan, the cold air is continually circulated, making things more comfortable. Using both AC and ceiling fan will decrease electricity bills as you can set your thermostat 2 or 3 degrees warmer and still be comfortable in the room.

Till It’s Not Broken, No Need To Fix It

It’s not a very good idea to call an HVAC specialist when you need a repair. Even if the unit seems to be working fine, air conditioner installation service Cottage Grove MN recommends an annual or bi-annual maintenance and inspections for your AC.

This preventative maintenance is necessary to fine-tune the system and to ensure it’s working at peak efficiency. Regular checks will also highlight any future issues that can become major problems. With professional maintenance and quality HVAC checkups, you can save money on your energy bill and unanticipated repairs.

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