Furnace Repair Services in St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN

Furnace Repair Services in St. Paul, Burnsville, Minneapolis, MN and Surrounding Areas

For a resident of Minnesota, living with a malfunctioning room heater or gas furnace can be the worst nightmare ever! The winter can be pretty harsh, and keeping your gas furnace in top shape is a priority. If your furnace is a few years old, you should get it serviced properly before the onset of winter to stay safe. However, you cannot rely on just any HVAC service provider for such jobs. For any kind of needs related to furnace repair in Minneapolis, your best companion is H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We offer all types of furnace maintenance and repairs for a wide range of customers.

Furnace Servicing and Repair – It Is Important

Just because your gas furnace is performing fine, that does not mean you should not get it serviced. Gas furnaces, regardless of models, require cleanup and servicing from time to time. Neglecting this can shorten the lifespan of the unit, and put your health to risk. The burners and pipes get clogged with dirt and debris, and cleaning this properly is something you cannot do at home. We, at H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, can perform maintenance on any gas furnace unit with ease.

Why We Are a Better Choice

You may check out the companies offering furnace repair in St. Paul, MN, before selecting us. Once you compare their service nuances with ours, you will understand the difference.

  • Unmatched Expertise: We have been operating in the HVAC sector for almost 3 decades. We have the expertise to deal with all types of furnaces. We are licensed to offer such services.
  • Skilled Staff: Our staff is very professional. Our experts handle everything related to furnace installation, repair, or service with the utmost care. You can be assured that they will not leave your house in a mess after completing the work.
  • Professional and Reliable Service: We believe in developing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our customers. So, we deal with each furnace job with care. You may contact us for furnace repair or service but we will not offer you a quote at first interaction. Only after our team inspects your premises, you will be offered a quote.
  • Fair Pricing and Terms: We do not believe in fleecing our customers. You can check our furnace repair and servicing cost with that of competing agencies. You will find it hard to locate any contender offering better rates than us in this regard. We do not slap any hidden costs as well. Our service terms are made clear to customers.
  • Growing and Happy Customer Base: Owing to our commitment to quality and professional nature, we have successfully developed a large customer base. It only keeps growing with time. Check out a few customer feedbacks online if you wish to.

Summing It Up

For regular furnace servicing or emergency furnace repair in Minneapolis, we fit your bill the best. Just give us a call for any kind of furnace-related jobs, and we will do the needful. Once you try our service, you may not even think of other agencies for such needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it Cost to Repair a Furnace?

The average costing of furnace repair is about $290. In fact, some of the repairs can be in the range of $130 – $470. The cost of repairing electric furnaces is in the range of $300 or a little less. On the other hand, the repair cost range for gas furnaces is from $375 – $1200. Gas furnaces are more complicated when compared to electric furnaces. The charges for HVAC repair professionals range from $50 – $150 per hour.

  1. What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working?

There are many reasons due to which your furnace might stop working. Dirty furnace filters might be a probable cause for the problem as the dirt on the filters might obstruct vital airflow, thus overheating the heat exchanger. There might be thermostat issues as the thermostat setting might not be proper. Check the air ducts and see that they are fully open. Another silly but common issue is that the furnace might not be turned on at all.

  1. Should You Repair Or Replace Your Furnace?

This decision is dependent on the age of the furnace. If the age of the furnace is 10 years or less than that, repairing the same is a good idea. However, if the device is 12 years of age or more, replacing it is a wise idea. However, if the system needs frequent repairs and those too expensive ones, it is better to get the furnace replaced. It has been seen that the pricing of repair is over half the expense of replacement.

  1. How Do You Know If the Furnace Thermostat is bad?

There are clear indications that the furnace thermostat is bad. Some of them are as follows:

  • The air conditioner or the heater does not turn on.
  • The thermostat is either unresponsive or has no power.
  • The setting and room temperature are not in sync and don’t match.
  • The heater or air conditioner runs constantly and refuses to turn off.
  • Even after working on the wiring, the heater doesn’t turn on.
  1. Can a Dirty Filter Cause Your Furnace Not to Work?

Yes, a dirty filter is one of the main causes of the furnace not working properly. Usually, dirt and dust get trapped in the air filters, blocking and restricting smooth airflow. The furnace will not receive fresh air due to the blocked air filters, and hence immense pressure will be exerted on the heat exchanger, making it too warm. It finally gets deactivated, and the home doesn’t become as warm as desired.

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