Furnace Cleaning Services in St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN

Furnace Cleaning Services in St. Paul, Burnsville, Minneapolis, MN and Surrounding Areas

It would be best if you kept your home appliances in shape to live comfortably. The gas furnace is one appliance that must be kept in good condition, especially if you live in a region like Minnesota. The winters can be extremely cold, and a malfunctioning furnace can literally make your life like hell. The good thing is, by getting your furnace cleaned and serviced at periodic intervals, you can evade such hazards. That is where we step in! H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing offer all types of furnace repair, cleanup, and servicing in Minneapolis and nearby cities.

Importance of Furnace Cleanup and Servicing

There are a lot of people who do not pay importance to furnace cleanup and periodic tune-ups. However, it would be prudent for you not to make the same mistake. Over the years, debris and dirt can make the burner and pipes of your gas furnace clogged, regardless of the brand and model. This not only hampers the efficiency of the furnace but also reduces its lifespan. Such a furnace can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning inside the home, and that is quite risky. By getting your gas furnace periodically tuned up and cleaned, you can evade extra expense and hassles.

What We Offer

When you hire H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for a furnace tune-up and cleaning, you can relax. Our skilled and professional staff will handle the task with utmost care.

Our furnace tune-up and servicing packages include:

  • Thorough cleaning up of all sensors and burners.
  • Checking of the thermostat.
  • Lubrication of necessary parts.
  • Checking for gas leakage and carbon monoxide.
  • De-clogging of all pipes and ducts.
  • Checking furnace performance.
  • Replacement of worn-out parts.

After our staff performs the furnace tune-up and cleaning, they will ensure your premises are also cleaned up. Once you avail our service, you will know why we are the first choice for furnace cleaning in Minneapolis

Fair Pricing and Service Terms

Whether your furnace is a couple of years old or a decade old, we will not bleed your wallet! We offer competitive pricing, and you will not have to worry about any additional charges than what we quote. Though we do have packages for furnace cleanup, repair, or servicing; even then, we provide the final quote only after inspecting your furnace thoroughly. We also clarify our service terms to all customers before they give their nod.

Assistance Whenever You Need

We are not limited to periodic furnace servicing or tune-up only. We also install new furnaces and perform the repair. You can also contact us for emergency furnace repair needs. Our helpful and professional staff will ensure your issue is resolved without delay.

You may have several queries on our furnace repair or servicing packages. We are here to answer all your queries. We welcome you to check out the feedback of existing customers. Once you avail of our service, we are confident you will join our happy and growing client base.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Furnace Cleaned?

It is important to ensure the furnaces are cleaned at regular intervals for optimal performance. The cost of furnace cleaning is in the range of $100 – $300. If duct cleaning is also included, it will cost an additional $250 – $500 depending on the extent of cleaning that needs to be done. If you are looking to hire services of an HVAC professional for furnace cleaning, you will have to pay in the range of $75 – $125 per hour, depending on the locality in which you stay.

  1. How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Cleaned?

One of the main problems with furnaces is dirty air filters. It is recommended to change the filters of the furnace every two to three months. Thorough furnace cleaning should be done a minimum once every year. Warmer months are the best times for cleaning the furnace as it is not in use during that time. With proper cleaning, servicing, and maintenance, a furnace lasts for a long time.

  1. What Does Furnace Cleaning Involve?

When it comes to furnace cleaning, there are many things that are included in the service. Some prominent things are as follows:

  • Cleaning the interior and the exterior of the furnace thoroughly
  • Cleaning all the fans so that they can circulate air efficiently
  • Changing filters every two three months so that the filters remain clean
  • Removing soot and corrosion from the flame sensor, ignitor and other exposed parts
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, and blower motor
  1. Do Gas Furnaces Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, even gas furnaces need to be cleaned so that the longevity of the furnace is enhanced. The main part which needs to be cleaned in a gas furnace is the filter system. This filter system is one of the most crucial parts of the furnace as it blocks dirt and dust from entering the furnace. The air filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced after a period of time.

  1. Is it Worth Getting Furnace Ducts Cleaned?

Yes. You might not have the idea that furnace ducts are susceptible to damage, particularly when the forced-air furnace is used. In such furnaces, it is crucial to get the furnace ducts cleaned regularly for the proper functioning of the furnace. The ducts should be cleaned thoroughly by using a high-power vacuum cleaner. Once the cleaning work is complete, all the ducts should be covered so that the air does not leak into the furnace.

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