Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your home during the fall, winter, and spring. Now that most heat pumps can run as low as 18-20 degrees, you can now use this system to cool your home!

Heat pumps move heat rather than generating HEAT PUMPit by pulling heat from the outdoors efficiently down to temperature in the 20’s, while providing up to 4 times the amount of energy to heat your home compared to what they consume. Not even the highest efficient furnace can do that! While you still may need another way to heat your house when it gets below 20 degrees, a heat pump can handle most of your heating needs. On the other hand, a heat pump can also handle your cooling needs too!

Heat pumps are a very green source of heating and cooling – you don’t have to burn as much natural gas with having to run your furnace all winter. Take advantage of the savings and do your part in taking care of the environment!