Hot Water Boilers In St. Paul, MN

Hot Water Boilers in St. Paul, Burnsville, Minneapolis, MN and Surrounding AreasHotwaterboiler

Hot water boiler systems have been used for centuries, and continue to be the most sought-after heating system in the world. Whether you have cast iron radiators, cast iron baseboards, copper fin tube baseboards, or an in-floor heating system, there is no mistaking the comfort that a hot water boiler brings during our cold Minnesota winters. Hot water boilers are the most desired heating systems for families who are susceptible to allergies since they do not recirculate dirty air from one area of the home to another.

Our experienced technicians at H2C have the knowledge to repair and install any boiler system, including all makes and models. We will walk you through the variety of systems available in the industry and guide you to the best system for your home and budget. If you plan on finishing your basement, we can add comfortable heat so you don’t have to throw on your parka just to go downstairs. We can even zone your home so you can have each floor or even every room at a different temperature, keeping your whole family comfortable and happy.

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