How Do You Know if Your Filter Needs to Be Changed?

How Do You Know if Your Filter Needs to Be Changed?

Be it the scorching heat, bone-chilling cold, or unbearable humidity, HVAC appliances protect us against all such things. Now, isn’t it a reason enough to keep your HVAC devices in good condition? We believe that you will agree with us!

There are several ways of keeping your HVAC equipment as good as new. One of those ways is to ensure that its air filters function perfectly. Now, air filters are one of the most crucial components of HVAC devices. Ignoring the care of those can cause serious issues, such as

  • Short-Cycling
  • Ice build-up on the coils of the air filters
  • Unbalanced heating or cooling
  • The build-up of pollutants due to an unclean air filter
  • Reduced heating or cooling capacity
  • A fall in the lifespan of the HVAC equipment, etc.

So, you know now how important it is to keep the air filters in good health. Sometimes, we might forget to pay attention to them. That might lead to unfunctional or improperly functioning air filters. If your furnace has stopped working, given a similar reason, we can provide you with a furnace replacement Minneapolis. However, we can prevent that by knowing the following factors.

What factors indicate that the air filters of your HVAC device need replacement?

  • The HVAC equipment is heating itself.

Suppose you are using your air conditioner, and it starts to heat. The situation arises when the air filters of your air conditioner are not functioning correctly. It can also happen with other HVAC equipment having air filters, even a furnace. It is so because a furnace or other heating devices heat the outside air, not the equipment itself.

HVAC equipment has to function at high capacity due to failing air filters. That is how the equipment begins to heat itself. Gradually, the equipment can stop working.

  • The HVAC equipment does not produce sufficient cooling or heating.

All HVAC devices work on a simple principle. Those devices take in the warm or cool air, and depending on whether it is a heater or an air conditioner, lets out warm or cold air, respectively. When an air filter ceases to function, it blocks that heated or cooled air.

If something similar happens with your HVAC device, it is probably because of non-functional air filters. Yet, there can be other reasons hindering the effective functioning of your equipment, such as faulty installation. We can provide you with a perfect heating installation in Minneapolis.

  • The air quality inside your home has fallen.

Air filters serve a significant function in keeping you healthy. Wondering how? They clean the air passing through the equipment into your living space.

What happens when the air filters do not function? Much dust and other allergens accumulate on the filters. Now, the air that your HVAC device lets out is full of those allergens.

Such allergens and pollutants can significantly damage your health. That is why you must have the air filters replaced as soon as you notice this issue.

Other ways that indicate something wrong with the air filters are high utility bills, dust build-up near the HVAC equipment, etc. You can avoid these issues with our help. You only have to dial (612) 791-0850 and witness us giving you the most pleasing HVAC experience.