How To Know If The Air Conditioner Is Cooling?

How To Know If The Air Conditioner Is Cooling?

Air conditioning in Minneapolis is a necessity. With the summers around the corner, it’s time to check up on your AC unit to check if it’s working efficiently. Imagine having to spend your summer vacation in the scorching heat without an efficient AC unit to keep you calm.

To avoid such scenarios, check out the signs mentioned below. These signs will also help you understand if there is any AC repair in Burnsville required.

Signs That Ensure Your AC Unit is Cooling Properly

1. Your AC filters are clean
Inspect the filters of your air conditioning system. Check to see if your AC filters are clean. The filters collect dust, debris, and other particles to prevent them from entering the AC unit. Your AC filters are dirty, and this prevents the unit from cooling your place efficiently.

On the other hand, a clean filter suggests that you are taking good care of the AC unit. The filter must be replaced every 3 months for optimum performance.

2. Check the thermostat

The thermostat must always be working. You must check the settings of the thermostat. If it is working properly, this means that our AC unit is working efficiently. You must change the batteries of the thermostat if any problem arises.

3. Inspect the drain line

If your drain line is clogged or if there is a leak in the drain line, call for AC repair in Burnsville immediately. This can cause the growth of bacteria in your unit. In case the drainpipe is clean, this means your AC is working properly.

4. Check if the blower is working

If you can see and hear the fan stirring, this means that the blower is working properly.

5. Check the temperatures

Check if the inside temperature is cooler than the outside temperature. If yes, then there is no problem with your AC unit.

Ways To Make Your AC More Efficient

1. Change your AC filters
Changing your AC filters can improvise not only the cooling effect but the air quality of your home. This ensures a maximum cooling effect.

2. Draw out the curtains and close the doors

Keeping the door closed will prevent the cool air from escaping the room where your AC unit is installed. The curtains will also prevent direct sunlight from falling on the AC unit, helping it cool more efficiently.

3. Changing the drain pipes

Replace or wash the drain pipes frequently. This prevents the pipes from getting clogged and prevents the growth of fungi or bacteria.

4. Do not use any heating appliances near the thermostat

Heating appliances cause the AC unit to take more time to deliver efficient cooling.

5. Clean the condensing unit

The long usage of the AC system can cause the condensing unit to collect dust and other debris. Clean this for a better cooling effect. If you want a professional to inspect the efficiency of your AC unit, we can provide the perfect solution. Call us at (612) 791-0850.