How To Know If There’s A Thermal Overload On Your AC Compressor?

How To Know If There’s A Thermal Overload On Your AC Compressor?

When your air conditioner starts working slowly, or is not cooling properly, it may be because of a thermal overload. A thermal overload happens when your AC works continuously for long periods or when there is some internal problem.

Thermal overloads are responsible for 49% of component failures, and they may also lead to complete system failures. To replace the damaged system, you will need the help of a professional AC replacement in Minneapolis.

How To Know if Your Compressor is Facing a Thermal Overload?

By observing some changes in the performance and functioning of your AC, you can tell if the compressor is having a thermal overload. If your AC shows any of the following signs, then you should get it checked by a professional AC repair in Minneapolis.

  • Not Cooling Properly

If your AC is not doing enough cooling or is working very slowly, then the reason for it may be an overloaded compressor. A compressor circulates the refrigerant required for exchanging the heat through the coils.

A compressor facing thermal overload can’t perform this function very well. Thus it compromises the entire performance of the unit.

  • Increased Electricity Bill

An overloaded compressor does not only affect the overall function of an AC. It’s also tough on your wallet. When your AC works slowly, you have to keep it on for a long time which will result in more electricity consumption.

In some cases, the compressor may use more power to cool the place. This and the prices of AC repair in Minneapolis makes repairing a thermal overload a costly affair.

  • Unit Making Strange Noises

Another way to check if your AC compressor is gone bad due to overload is by focusing on any strange noise produced from your unit. When a compressor goes bad, it starts making grinding or squealing noises. So if your compressor is making noises like these, pay attention to it. Chances are it needs some repair.

What Happens in a Thermal Overload?

The function of an overload is to shut off a compressor when it gets too hot. Most of the problems in a compressor are caused by thermal overload. When a technician visits to check the compressor, they check the R&C and S&C, i.e. the continuity between run and start wirings.

An overload may harm these wires that require servicing. Sometimes this may lead to a total breakdown of the system, and then you will have to install a new AC unit with the help of an AC replacement in Minneapolis.

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