How To Stop Your AC From Short Cycling?

How To Stop Your AC From Short Cycling?

Short cycling is when your heating, venting, and cooling system or your air conditioner turns on and off on its own too frequently. If you have noticed this happening with your AC, you need to look up for AC replacement near me immediately.

What Is The Short Cycling Of An AC?


In an hour, your AC’s compressor turns on for ten minutes and turns off for ten minutes, and this repeats twice. Short cycling is when the time taken becomes much less than ten minutes. As a result, your compressor turns on and off more frequently than usual.

Short cycling could happen because there is a malfunction in the low-pressure switch. This low-pressure switch switches off the compressor when the refrigerant falls below a particular temperature. It could also be because your AC is too big, or you do not have enough refrigerant.

Short cycling in your AC can significantly shorten the lifespan of your device. You will have to start looking for a replacement far before you had planned. To prevent that, you can try out the following fixes.

In the end, ensure that you are booking an appointment with an expert from a company for AC replacement in Burnsville, MN to come and look into the issue.

How To Check And Stop Short Cycling


There are various ways in which you can check and prevent short-cycling from happening:

  • The first thing you should do when you notice your AC short cycling is checking if its air filter is clogged or not. A clogged air filter can cause tons of problems, not just short cycling, so get it cleaned as soon as you can. You can find DIY solutions online or simply search for an AC replacement in Burnsville, MN.
  • The next thing is to make sure that your thermostat is not giving wrong readings. Sometimes the thermostat can get affected by the influx of cool air when it is too close to the AC.
  • As said before, short cycling could be because of refrigerant levels. After your air filter and thermostat, you should call up an HVAC expert to check the refrigerant of the AC. If needed, they will add more refrigerant and let you know about any other leaks too.
  • The low-pressure switch of your AC could also be causing your short cycling issues. Calling in an expert after searching for an AC replacement near me is a good idea.
  • Lastly, the compressor of your air conditioner is the part that needs checking. An HVAC professional will help you sort out this issue, so do not hesitate to make that call.

Regular maintenance and plumbing checkups on your device can help it from falling into the vicious cycle of short cycling. If you are looking for an AC replacement near me, call us instead.

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