Sep 1

Common AC Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

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Cleaning of air conditioning As an air-conditioner owner, free advice and recommendations are frequently given, on how to get the maximum out of your home AC systems. The issue is that there is [...]

Aug 23

Why You Need A Good Air Conditioner Installation Service

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If you still don’t own an air conditioning system, it’s about time to get one. It truly is a life-changing device, which can improve your life and keep you cool during the exhausting heat of [...]

Jul 21

Why Is Perfecting The Installation Of Your AC Unit So Important?

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Businessman pointing to energy efficiency rating chart and house icon concept for performance, efficiency and environmental conservation The decision to implement a system like this into your home will have lasting effects on [...]

A Bang For Your Buck – Perfect Your AC Installation This Summer

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Flushed man feeling hot in front of a fan Do you often find yourself dreaming that your home could be an escape haven from the scorching heat? Remember that search for an air conditioner [...]

Jun 24

Summer Fun Means Having An Air-Con: Tips To Diagnosing If Your AC Can Handle The Summer

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It's weekend and you find yourself with no plans, lounging around the home trying to escape the heat. Forgetting that this time last year you had an air conditioner repair service Woodbury MN come in [...]

Summer is almost here, are you ready?

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Woman relaxing lying on a couch at home The kids are counting down the weeks and days left until school’s out for summer. That means a lot more time at home for them. [...]

May 15

Why May is the Perfect Time to Check for Leaks in Your Plumbing System

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It seems like winter was not to end. Spring has been cold too. The best way to celebrate and say goodbye to snow and say hello Minnesota sunshine is to happily check up plumbing leaks [...]

Prepare your home for springtime fun!

By |May 14|Blog|

Spring is here, are you ready to enjoy the warmer, longer days? H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is the local business you can turn to when it’s time to get air conditioner installation service in [...]