It’s Time to Gear Up for Springtime Weather

It’s Time to Gear Up for Springtime Weather

 Air Conditioner Installation Service In Woodbury MN

Our Woodbury winter is almost finished and soon flowers will be blooming. Spring is almost here. Now’s a great time to get ready for the warmer weather by investing in air conditioner installation service in Woodbury, MN. H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing have the experience that counts when it comes to AC and ductwork. Imagine the cool indoor comfort you’ll enjoy in the months ahead by making the switch to a new air conditioner today. Here are some of the benefits we’re excited about this month.

  1. You’ll be thinking ahead on government bans. Since the EPA banned the production of R-22, or Freon coolant, costs are already increasing. If your older air conditioner needs a recharge of freon, you can expect to pay more and more as it becomes rarer to provide. Getting a newer, more environmentally friendly AC solves this issue and also lets you do your part to conserve energy.
  2. Save money on energy bills month after month. With advances in technology, newer air conditioners offer higher SEER ratings than older models. The more efficient your AC, the less you’ll pay each month in heating costs. Check out our savings calculators to see what you could earn. Finding out your AC will more than pay for itself over the years is perhaps the most compelling reason to make the switch.
  3. Gain confidence and relax. Enjoy your busy lifestyle more by cutting out the worry you have when you own an older AC. Instead of being faced with surprise breakdowns and expensive repairs, a newer air conditioner will only need air filter changes and an annual maintenance appointment to run smoothly. Most models also come with a warranty, so that in the odd event you have a problem, you’re covered on costs to fix it. Keeping your home updated is a personal choice, but it has a big impact on the amount of time and worry you have to spend when you try to stretch the lifespan of an older model. If it’s over 10 years old, it’s worth looking into newer models.

Air Conditioner Installation Service In WoodburyMN

  1. Help reduce springtime seasonal allergies for your family. Newer HEPA filters on a brand new AC mean a higher air quality in your home. Getting a new AC installed and having your ductwork cleaned both will greatly reduce the amount of pollens and outdoor pollutants circulating the air in your home.
  2. Avoid wasting money on repairs. Instead of repeatedly investing into a money pit, put what you’d spend in repairs towards a new air conditioner. The general rule of thumb is not to spend more than $500 on a repair for an older AC.

It’s always a good idea to start with the numbers and see how much you will save over time with a new air conditioner. We can help you choose the best model for your home and get you air conditioner installation service in Woodbury, MN. Call us at H2C Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today. For Woodbury and St. Paul area, call (651) 368-6245. For Minneapolis, call (612) 791-0850.