Reasons Why your AC Turn on Every 5 Minutes

Reasons Why your AC Turn on Every 5 Minutes

We usually get annoyed when our AC turns on every 5 minutes but prefer to avoid this considering it a trivial issue. This condition is called short cycling. Short cycling of an AC is the condition that attracts higher utility bills and severe AC damage.

Some reasons contribute to the short cycling. Besides providing AC repair in Minneapolis, H2C also makes people aware of various faults with ac.

8 Reasons Why your AC Turns on Every 5 Minutes:

1. Dirty Condenser Coil

When the condenser coil is dirty or not performing condensation efficiently, the problem of frosting and overheating takes place. The debris and dirt collected in it reduce its efficiency. Clean the condenser coil frequently to prevent overheating as this can be the most common cause of AC turning on every 5 minutes.

2. Wrong AC Size

When the cooling unit of your AC is smaller than required, or the AC unit is oversized, then it will either do the job very quickly or take too much time for cooling. Both the conditions cause your AC to shut off and on suddenly. The incorrect size of the AC or cooling unit requires urgent replacement as it will severely damage your ac.

3. Error in Thermostat

When the thermostat cannot set the required temperature, it may need resetting or repair. Sometimes you need to replace the old and inefficient thermostat.

4. Clogged Air Filters

A dirty air filter can block the airflow. It will further result in overheating, and that is why sometimes AC turns off and on every few minutes.

5. Inaccurate Setup of Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is not located in an obstructed area or an area that gets direct sunlight. For example, the area near large windows. It will cause your thermostat to reset the temperature, again and again, resulting in short cycling. Carefully choose the location for your thermostat.

6. Refrigerant Leakage

The conversion of refrigerants determines the air quality and overall cooling of air conditioning. If it is leaking, this will create an imbalance in your AC compressor power, resulting in short cycling.

7. Ductwork Leakage

Leakage in ductwork pressurizes AC for more power consumption. Extra power consumption always results in overheating, thus causing your AC to turn on and off frequently.

8. Issues with Electrical Connections

Sometimes, loose wiring, broken connectors, problems in the power supply unit also leads to short cycling.

Although you may find the fault in the AC on your own, taking the help of an HVAC expert is the best suggestion as this will save you from future troubles. Problems fixed by a technician keep the worries away for a longer duration.

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