backflow prevention devices Unknown to most, backflow preventers are a very important part of your plumbing system. A backflow preventer is an approved device that is used to keep contaminants, chemicals or any non-potable water from entering your family’s drinking water.

There are many types and styles of backflow prevention devices—all are designed for specific hazards and situations. We are certified and experienced in the service and installation of all types of backflow prevention, including RPZ’s. RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valves are mandated by the state of Minnesota to be tested annually and overhauled every 5 years.

This is to ensure everyone’s water will remain safe. If you received a letter from your city requiring service, rebuilding, or testing of your RPZ, give us a call. We have the proper testing equipment and our trucks are stocked with the common repair parts that may be needed. We service and install all types and sizes of backflow prevention devices and RPZ’s for residential and commercial plumbing.