Servicing Your Air Conditioner System

Servicing Your Air Conditioner System

Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance In Woodbury MN

As the temperatures start rising after the tough Minnesota winter, you tend to go out more and enjoy the nice weather. However, making sure your home is ready for the warm season should be a priority before you start planning for your summer trips.

With high temperatures, a working AC system is an absolute necessity. You don’t want to find yourself calling your AC contractor every couple of weeks because your system is breaking down. What you need is air conditioner preventative maintenance in Woodbury, MN. Giving your home appliances some well-deserved care at the right time can make a big, positive difference in performance. Besides, you want to be able to come back home from your summer trips to find cool and well-ventilated living spaces.

Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance In WoodburyMN

AC System Maintenance

The life expectancy of your HVAC system depends a great deal on the maintenance it receives. The best way to keep it working in optimal conditions is to have yearly inspections of all its components. A proper preventative maintenance service will look at the thermostat, air filters, the wiring, refrigerant level and conditions, and test the airflow speed and temperature through the vents and pipes.

The coils will also be looked over by a technician. Both the evaporator coil and condenser coils can slowly collect dust over time, especially in the outdoor unit. As well as cleaning the evaporator unit can improve heat absorption from the indoor air system, cleaning the condenser coil on the outdoor unit can increase its effectiveness and ability to release heat to the surrounding air. A well-maintained system will keep working for longer while also preventing your electric bill from increasing.

Taking Care of Your Home

When an HVAC system’s lifespan of around 15 years comes to an end, it’s possible it won’t be efficient anymore. From that point on you can’t be absolutely certain it will keep on functioning in optimal conditions.

Even if it was serviced properly, the reality is that HVAC systems have parts that suffer wear. So it’s normal for them to be replaced eventually. You may be thinking that you have seen systems that have lasted close to 20 years, and although that may happen, it’s highly likely that they were very inefficient at that point. Also, if an AC system inefficient, you will probably end up saving money on your electric bill by installing a more efficient unit.

When It’s Time for Goodbye

There are many options to choose from when it comes to modern AC systems. Heat pumps duct, and ductless, are some of your options. There are high efficiency versions for all of these different solutions, so it really comes down to finding the HVAC solution that fits your home and budget.

The other aspect that makes an AC system right for your house is the size and capacity. Bigger isn’t always better and smaller isn’t always cheaper. You need the right size for your home. AC systems have a peak efficiency range which they need to be kept at. This guarantees that you aren’t forcing it to work harder than it should or to not work hard enough. To find out the right capacity, you can contact an AC expert.

We can find the right permanent solution for your home, or make sure your system will be prepared for the upcoming high temps. Whatever option you choose, you can count your air conditioner preventative maintenance in Woodbury, MN can be done by H2C. Call us at (612) 791-0850 or (651) 368-6245 to talk with one of our experts and set up an appointment for a consultation.