Thermostat Service in St. Paul, MN

Thermostat Service in St. Paul, Burnsville, Minneapolis, MN and Surrounding Areas

IStock 621588062 10 300x195Are you worried about inflating power bills generated because your AC keeps on running in chill mode even when the temperature in your room has cooled down to the desired level? Are you sure that the technician you hired to fix the problem with the air conditioner is not fleecing you by replacing functioning parts and charging you the earth for it? This is what you should expect when you hire fly-by-night operators.

Are you aware that they replace the original components of your AC with cheap imported ones and use the ones they took out from your gadget to repair the ACs of others? These fraudsters know the problem but they will never reveal it. Chances are likely that the thermostat of your AC is not functioning.

Understanding the basics

Your AC uses a special gadget that switches its compressor from chill to fan mode once the temperature inside your room reaches the set level. It does so with the help of a special round-shaped gadget containing a rotatable heat anticipator adjustment copper arm fixed on the center of a porcelain disk and touching a circular heat anticipator resistive wire on the edge of the disk. The gadget also contains a disk connected to a bimetallic coil, connected to a relay switch. When you rotate the temperature control knob on your AC, it moves the arm to a different location on the resistive wire. As soon as the ambient temperature reaches the set level, the `relay switch’ trips and cuts off power to the compressor. This puts the AC into fan mode.

What is this gadget?

This gadget is known as the thermostat. If it does not work properly, it does not activate the `on off’ switch forcing the compressor of your AC to keep on running continuously, resulting in inflated power bills. In extreme cases, it can even damage the compressor. Contact us and allow our technicians to replace this faulty part with a new one.

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