Three Smart Reasons to Get Annual Heating Maintenance

Three Smart Reasons to Get Annual Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance Service In Burnsville MN

The end of our Minnesota winter is slowly approaching, with longer days ahead, and many of us are making New Year’s resolutions. While most of our goals are about personal habits, health, and spending time with family, it’s not a bad idea to add the goal of taking better care of our homes. If you’ve been neglecting to keep your home heating unit running smoothly, you could be headed for a road of overpriced electric bills, early replacement needs, and a breakdown at the time you need your heat most. Here are three wise reasons to get a yearly maintenance appointment to take care of your furnace or HVAC system.

  1. Don’t Overpay For Utilities

Did you know Americans spend over half of their household utility bills on heating and cooling the home? With energy costs already high, there’s no need to pay beyond them. What a maintenance visit does to help your heating unit is get all of the dirt and accumulated contaminants out of your system.

As your air filters reach capacity in keeping out dirt and dust, small amounts creep past the filter and into the heating coils and mechanical parts inside a furnace. They also accumulate in the ducts and vents around the home. Dirt inside of a furnace means it has to work harder to move airflow and that means a higher energy bill from the decrease in efficiency. In addition to getting dirt and dust buildup out of the furnace and ducts, your technician also is able to restore and lubricate any parts that have shifted with normal wear and tear to make sure your heating unit is running efficiently.

  1. Avoid Early Replacement

Dirt is the number one contributor to early breakdowns. Neglecting maintenance and being late on filter changes shortens the lifespan of a furnace. With an average lifespan of 15 years, having to replace at 10 to 12 years because repairs are too costly means losing on the investment you made when you bought your HVAC system or furnace. With proper maintenance, some models can last 18-20 years.

One of the saddest problems with needing an early replacement is it often catches homeowners off guard, forcing them to make a quick decision and buy a lower quality model because they didn’t have time to save or research the best options. Don’t let this happen to you. We recommend looking at new furnace options after about 10 years, just so you know what’s on the market. With higher efficiency furnaces appearing all the time, you might actually save more by doing the math when you look at the AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of different furnaces.

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  1. Avoid Breakdowns

By getting annual maintenance, your technician will be able to spot issues while they are minor fixes, saving you big time on repairs. In addition, the chances of a full-scale breakdown where you’re stuck without heat until a repair are much less likely. Just like you change the oil on your car to keep its engine in shape, your home heating system needs care to run smoothly. Don’t let laziness because you to pay for expensive repairs and inconvenience your family.

These are just three of many reasons to get regular appointments to maintain your heating system. Other benefits are savings plans when you commit to an annual visit and making sure you’re safe from dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

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