Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Goodman HVAC System

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Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Goodman HVAC System

Buying an HVAC system is, beyond any doubt, a prerequisite when you want to live comfortably. It provides relief from the sweltering summer heat, and saves you from the frosty bite of winter days! However, you need to be careful when shopping for a new HVAC system. There are several brands selling HVAC systems, but Goodman is a leading one. Goodman HVAC systems arepopularfor their durability, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

Why Buy a Goodman HVAC System?

Before you invest in an HVAC system from Goodman or any other brand, you must assess it thoroughly. You must learn why buying a Goodman HVAC system is a prudent choice.

  • Top-notch Quality –An HVAC system has many parts, and it comprises both indoor and outdoor units. The HVAC parts, ducts, and cables are subjected to a significant change in temperature, humidity, and pressure. Unless these are of high quality, they won’t be durable. This is where Goodman is way ahead of its competing brands. Its ACs, furnaces, and commercial HVAC systems are manufactured in facilities that have ISO9001/14000 certification. So, you can be assured of getting durable, high-quality HVAC units built to perfection.
  • Superior Customer Service – Nowadays, all brands making ACs and HVAC units have customer support services. However, it is hard to find a match for Goodman when it comes to consistency and promptness in customer service. Its customer support is robust; you can expect 24x7 service, and they serve the customers in urgent situations too. So, if your furnace stops working at midnight or the AC starts malfunctioning anytime, you can be assured of help.
  • Energy Efficiency – As a matter of fact, HVAC systems consume a lot of energy. However, you can bring down your energy bills to some extent by buying AC and HVAC units with an energy efficiency rating. In this regard, Goodman eclipses most other companies. Its products typically have a better Business Bureau rating. Mostly, they get an ‘A’ rating, which indicates an exceptional level of energy efficiency.
  • Long, Assuring Warranty – You will not be buying an HVAC system every few years, for sure. So, it makes sense to buy from a brand that offers a long and comprehensive warranty on its products. In this respect, Goodman is a brand you can count on! Eventually, it will vary based on the model chosen. However, severalGoodman HVACunits are sold with a 2 and 10-year warranty on parts. Each unit is made to undergo a rigorous test before it clears the assembly line.
  • Wide Range – Not every HVAC or AC buyer has the same user needs and priorities. Some buyers may want central heating and air conditioning, while others may opt for AC in selected rooms. The size of the house and the number of rooms will vary from one buyer to another. Goodman has a broad range of HVAC and AC models to pick from. You will find something matching your needs. Their staff can also guide you in selecting the right model in this regard.

Goodman is a reputed American company, which works as an independent subsidiary of Daikin Group. Founded in 1975, the company made its foray into the HVAC industry in 1982. Since then, Goodman has been manufacturing the highest quality of HVAC systems, air conditioning machines, and heating machines, including furnaces for homes. All the products are engineered, designed, and also assembled in the United States. Indoor comfort products from Goodman are reliable and affordable at the same time.

First and foremost, check the thermostat settings of the air conditioner inside the home. The settings should be proper, and the temperature should be set at a lower degree when compared to the room temperature. Now go to the breaker box and check all the breakers to see that the circuit for the AC compressor hasn’t tripped off. If possible, check the compressor and all the wirings attached to it. Try removing any debris, dust, or dirt in the system.

On average, a Goodman air conditioner unit lasts for almost 10-15 years. Some machines have also lasted for more than 20 years. There are different air conditioner models offered from the house of Goodman, and almost all of them have standard longevity. But for more longevity and better performance, the machine must be serviced and maintained at regular intervals. Air filters also need to be changed a minimum of 3-4 times in a year.

All Goodman products, including furnaces, come with excellent warranty coverage. Goodman offers 10-years parts limited warranty with predefined registration conditions. Replacement for any part will be available if it has been found defective for a valid reason. On selected models, there might be a 10-year unit replacement limited warranty. Without registration, you will be eligible for a 5-year warranty on a Goodman furnace. Registering for an extended warranty is simple and should be done within 60 days of installation.

If the single LED flash is steadily on, this is a clear indication that no signal is coming from the thermostat in the Goodman furnace. With no signal coming, the furnace will not operate at all. Generally, there is some setting problem in the thermostat, and when that is resolved, the furnace receives a proper signal and starts operating. The connection from the thermostat to the furnace might also have problems. Check that too to resolve this issue.

When you notice that 4 LED flashes are displayed on a Goodman furnace, it indicates that the furnace has a primary open limit circuit.Loose wiring is one of the main causes of this problem. Apart from this, blocked filters might also lead to 4 flashes on a Goodman furnace. Sometimes there are blockages in the flue as well, which might cause this error in the furnace. Fixing these issues will stop the flashes, and the furnace will again run in proper condition.

There are many reasons due to which a Goodman furnace blows cold air. The first and the most common reason is an incorrect thermostat setting. The second reason might be the clogged air filters due to which the air cannot pass. The flame sensor might also get dirty with grime and dirt, and the furnace flame is not monitored. Your oil or gas burner might become too dusty, thus cutting off the oxygen supply needed for burning the furnace.

Before replacing the filter in the Goodman furnace, it is important to turn off the furnace. Look for the filter access door and open it carefully. Pull out the filter with your hand gently. You might need to nudge it a little as it sits tightly inside. Throw away the old filter. Vacuum the dust and dirt on the furnace and clean the same. The replacement filter can be slid in and placed in the same position as the old filter. Close the access door and start the furnace.

When it comes to Goodman furnace or any other standard company furnace for that matter, the maximum gas supply pressure to the furnace should be 10.5”wc with natural gas. The minimum supply pressure should be 4.5”wc with natural gas. However, if the furnace runs on propane gas or LP gas, the minimum pressure should be 11.0”wc and maximum should be 13.0”wc.A properly calibrated U-Tube manometer must be used for measuring gas pressure accurately.

Goodman residential furnaces have multiple limit switches. The primary limit switch has been programmed so that it automatically resets if any kind of malfunction occurs. The main function of this switch is to prevent overheating of the furnace to unsafe and extremely high temperatures. There is also a roll-out limit switch that has to be reset manually. It just takes a few seconds for resetting the roll-out limit switch.

The furnace has to be turned off, and the gas line has to be turned off as well. Open the maintenance hatch. Vacuum around the burners to remove dirt and dust. Blow compressed air through burner holes to clean them. Find the flame sensor and rub the same with steel wool for removing any kind of build-up. Vacuum the draft regulator, circular blowers, and flue passages on the Goodman furnace. Shut the maintenance hatch, and turn the gas and power connection on.