Water Softener Our technicians have years of water treatment experience with a wide variety of systems. Whether you have hard water issues, want better tasting drinking water, or are concerned with the chemicals that may be in your water, we can provide the proper system to fit your needs.

When you have hard water in your home, it can create a number of issues. Not only can it interfere with how effectively soap and detergents work, it can be very tough on fixtures, appliances, and piping. We proudly offer Minnesota-made North Star Water Softeners to our customers. Our electronically-metered “on-demand” water softeners only regenerate when needed, saving you money on salt while conserving water. Maybe you want to eliminate using those throw-away plastic bottles, or just want better tasting water for cooking gourmet dinners. Whatever the case, we have a solution to fit your needs. From under the counter taste and odor filters, Reverse Osmosis systems, or whole house water quality filters, we’ll help find the best solution for you.