What is The Most Economical Setting For Air Conditioning?

What is The Most Economical Setting For Air Conditioning?

You shouldn’t have to give up comfort or be empty or spend much of your money to keep your home cool in the summer. But, exactly, what is the optimal setting? We look at recommendations from energy experts to help you determine the ideal temperature for your home.

Here’s What We Recommend For The Most Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Settings

Most Economical Setting :

Most homes find that setting the thermostat to 72-73 degrees Fahrenheit is best. However, if there is a significant temperature differential between your inside and exterior temperatures, your power bill will be more outstanding.

78 degrees Fahrenheit. While it looks excessive, there are ways to keep your home cool without always using the air conditioner.

While You’re Gone Out of Your Home :

There’s no reason to have the air conditioner running all day if your house is empty. Letting the temperature rise by 7–10 degrees can save you up to 5–15 percent on your air conditioning expenditures.

When you reach home, resist the urge to lower your thermostat below 78 degrees Fahrenheit to chill your home faster. It is inefficient and frequently leads to increased air conditioning expenditures.

Keeping windows and blinds closed throughout the day keeps chilly air where it belongs—inside. Some window treatments, such as honeycomb shades or plantation shutters, provide additional insulation and energy efficiency.

According to our experts, if you have ceiling fans in your home, you may boost thermostat settings by 4 degrees without losing comfort. It is because they refresh with a windchill effect. Because they cool individuals rather than environments, turn them off when you leave a room.

More Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Purchase a low-energy air conditioning system. Central air conditioners are 12–15 years old and become less efficient as they age. A new air conditioner may make your house more pleasant while saving you money.

Small Costs

Look for an ac repair shop near me and schedule frequent air conditioner maintenance in St Paul, MN . Air conditioner maintenance regularly keeps your unit functioning smoothly and may help it run more efficiently. It can also assist in extending its life by allowing specialists to detect minor flaws before they cause a costly breakdown.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

When changing your air filter, follow the manufacturer’s directions. A clogged filter might cause your system to short cycle or run too frequently, increasing your cooling costs.

Examine the attic insulation levels. According to the Insulation Institute, about 90% of dwellings in the United States do not have proper insulation. Most southern temperatures require 13–14″ of attic insulation, whereas northern ones require 16–18″.

Has your ductwork checked out? The split ductwork might allow cold air to infiltrate your attic, walls, or crawl space. It can cause significant comfort issues in your house, such as hot and cold patches.

Use Less Energy With H2C

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