What is the Warranty on Goodman Furnaces?

What is the Warranty on Goodman Furnaces?

The HVAC system is a much-needed piece of equipment in your house. Therefore, investing in the right HVAC system is an absolute necessity so that you can rely on it for a considerable amount of time.

However, even after proper maintenance and careful use, the system may fail or show some issues. Such instances cannot be avoided and thus needs to be taken care of. These are the times when you turn to the warranty your heating appliance entails.

If you have a Goodman furnace or are planning to get one in the future, we have here all the details that you need to know about warranties on Goodman furnaces and furnace cleaning in Minneapolis. Let us get started without any further delay!

About Goodman

Goodman is a well-known brand in the market for providing excellent and reliable furnaces and heating units that are durable and energy-efficient. Operational since 1975, it has grown considerably to be one of the trusted brand names for HVAC systems.

An independent subsidiary of Daikin, Goodman is an excellent company to rely on and provides excellent services along with their top quality devices, all at an affordable price.

About warranty on furnaces

Having a back up for significant investments like HVAC systems and furnaces is always a relief. If you choose Goodman, you are in for relief as it is also famous for backing up its units. All Goodman products come with an automatic 5-year limited warranty.

However, many people are not informed that Goodman products can be registered (except for places, such as Quebec and California, which do not require such registrations).

Upon registration, you get an additional five years warranty with extra benefits. This registration may be done by the purchaser, homeowner, or even by the dealer. Before going forward with the registration, come to an understanding with your dealer who will register the product to avoid future confusion.

This 10-year warranty will include:

  • Replacements of parts (any) that are discovered to be defective due to errors in manufacturing.
  • A lifetime warranty on heat exchanger as long as you own the house

Please ensure that you read the warranty certificate that comes with your gas furnace as individual models will have specific information, valid only on that model. Also, you may consult your dealer or installation experts on further elaboration of the warranty details.

That is all that you would need to know about the warranty on Goodman units. For further model-specific information, it is better to consult your dealer or HVAC specialists.

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