What Should You Set Your AC At During Heatwave

What Should You Set Your AC At During Heatwave

Summers in Minnesota are already at peak, with temperatures soaring up to 85° F. Also, with brutal heat waves hitting the state, there’s no other way than relying on air conditioners.

However, an AC breakdown is nothing to be surprised by since you will use it heavily after a long break. That’s why routine AC repair in Burnsville is the best way to keep it running smoothly for a long time. Also, there are several ways to set your AC to tackle the heat waves in a much more efficient way. But before that, let’s have a look at some basic reasons why your AC is not cooling your home as it used to.

5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough

  • The air filter might be clogged due to dirt.
  • The refrigerant might be leaking or about to exhaust.
  • The condenser might be blocked or malfunctioning.
  • Leaking ductwork.
  • Incorrectly sized AC or the unit has become too old (more than ten years).

A timely AC repair in Burnsville is the best way to get your AC on track. However, there are chances that nothing is wrong with your AC as the outside temperatures might be too high.

How Much Cooling Should I Expect From My AC During a Heatwave?

Most air conditioners are meant to cool your home up to 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature. You can implement some of these useful tips to facilitate more cooling by your air conditioning in Minneapolis during heat waves –

  • Set the thermostat at a higher temperature

Heatwaves can be quite scorching, but do not turn up the AC at extremely low temperatures all of a sudden. Try to bear little heat and set the AC at a bit higher temperature so that the AC can adjust accordingly and cool the house efficiently at its pace.

  • Switch on “fan” mode

While most people prefer to keep the AC on auto mode, it’s time to turn o the “fan” mode that helps in better air circulation. In this way, your AC can cool the rooms too hot and tone down the rooms too cool. This approach is quite helpful for homes with multiple floors.

  • Regular maintenance

Just like any machine, air conditioners also need regular tune-ups and maintenance to function smoothly. Especially during a heatwave, routine maintenance is a must to keep your AC in tip-top condition without being burdened by heavy usage.

  • Time to upgrade your system

Your air conditioner tends to lose efficiency over time and eventually stops responding well to repairs and maintenance. Sometimes, the operating and repair costs might get too high. In such a case, you must consider upgrading your system to a new and efficient one.

If you feel your AC is not cooling enough, we can fix it! We provide the best quality repairs and services for air conditioning in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Call us today to learn more!