Why Does My AC Compressor Turn On And Off?

Why Does My AC Compressor Turn On And Off?

Air conditioner and summer are a combination that is never breaking. However, certain faults and cracks can break that combo. And you would never like this bond to break when the temperature is soaring. Thus, you must take care of the system to avoid running and looking for AC repair in Minneapolis.
One common problem with the air conditioners is with the compressor. The turning on and off of the compressor too frequently is something indicating a big problem. The majority of the issues related to AC repair in Minneapolis are addressed during the peak season and are related to compressors only.

Here Are Some Common Reasons Why This Turning On And Off


  • Fall In Coolant Level

A major reason that leads to the turning on and off of the compressor is the fall of the coolant level in the device. The fall of coolant fluid or gas affects the functioning of the compressor unit. Most of the professional service providers for AC in Minneapolis have highlighted this as a fact. Therefore, a regular check at the coolant level is a must.

  • Short Circuit

Another common reason for the problem is short-circuiting of the device or the compressor unit. Damage in the wiring of the compressor or the thermostat can lead to the problem and cause further trouble. The breakdown of a compressor’s wiring can be a potential threat to circuit damage and the burning of internal systems.

  • Component Failure

The compressor is a big mechanical pump in your air conditioner that maintains the function of cooling. With the heavy load on it, there are high chances of mechanical failure of its component. This can lead to frequent on and off before the general cycle period.

  • Air Filters

Clogging of the air filters is a problem that is generally seen associated with the air circulation issue of the AC. However, short cycling ( the turning on and off) of the compressor results from the clogged air filters. The logic behind this is that clogged air purifiers put pressure on air circulation, which affects the compressor’s performance.

  • Run Capacitor

The run capacitor of the air conditioner is responsible for altering the current in the circuit. The capacitor channelizes the altering of the current in each winding of the coil for the functioning of the induction motor. This drives the compressor. Therefore any issue in the run capacitor directly affects the compressor.

If you face any compressor-related issue, the first thing you look for is how to get it solved. It’s not a difficult thing to get done. All you need is to look for professional HVAC service providers online near you.

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